Our Journey!

Our journey begun early 2012, working as group of innovators and Tanzanian tech enthusiasts. In mid-2015, we founded the first Makerspace in Tanzania, known as Science and Technology Innovation Centre and Laboratories - STICLab Limited. This Makerspace had a strong vision of insuring that, local Innovators, Inventors, Engineers, Technicians and Artisans, together, can realize the problems around us to bring about tangible, scalable and sustainable solutions, services, and products that positively tackles the problems identified. We have had a number of successes, such as becoming the Global Winners in the 2015 Word Bank Negawatt Challenge, as well entering into fruitful working partnerships with international Organizations and Universities, such as The University of Cambridge and Bath University.


Bongo Tech & Research Labs

Our company has undergone rebranding, from STICLab to Bongo Tech & Research Labs – BT&R Labs, which gives us more room of being a fully-fledged Tech, RnD and Consulting firm, with effect from September 29, 2020. This allows us to present ourselves as a true Tanzanian entity dedicated into providing Technological and Innovative solutions to the local problems around our community, as well as the best Consultancy, Research and Development services and activities both in the country and elsewhere around the world.

Our company is now divided into:

All these sections are well equipped with passionate and experienced experts who come up with products and solutions to tackle community challenges in Tanzania and beyond, through employing innovative skills and knowledge from technical, scientific, and engineering disciplines and utilization of locally available resources as much as possible.

What is made in Africa, can be used around the globe!



To become the leading African Tech, RnD & Consulting firm, providing cutting edge technology solutions that transform African Society.



To provide state of the art technical solutions and the highest quality of service to clients in Tanzania and beyond.



Quality of Service and Quality of Product is our priority and a guarantee to our clients and partners.